azienda We work in the Facility Management Services industry and provide our customers with many services to streamline and enrich their business.

We can offer our customers, both public and private, a very high standard of services in terms of technology, quality and organization.

Our services cover a wide range of activities through which our customers can totally focus on their core business, making it more efficient, avoiding any waste and improper use of internal resources and cooperating, at the same time, with highly skilled professionals.

From specialist services for hospitals to cleaning, plant management, public lighting management, property management and green area maintenance services: we are able to provide a wide range of ancillary services to the core business of public institutions, large corporate groups and healthcare facilities.

We provide integrated services for local community projects, real estate and as a support to healthcare activities.

Our main offices


Our activities

lavanolo Linen rental, laundry and sterilisation

We offer laundry and linen rental services to hospitals, we design and manage surgical instrument sterilisation centres and supply sterile kits in reusable technical textiles for operating rooms.

patrimonio immobiliare Property management

We are specialists in the Real Estate field: customers can entrust us with any activity that focuses on the maintenance, preservation and optimization of their real estate.

energia Energy

We cover the entire energy sector: integrated management of heat and electric systems, public lighting, renewable energies, ESCO (Energy Service COmpany), cogeneration, trigeneration, district heating, etc.

opere infrastrutturali Infrastructural Works

We work in the various building, industrial and road engineering fields: roads and highways, bridges and viaducts, railways and subways, gas pipelines, dams, water supply systems, hospitals, etc.

telecomunicazioni Information technology and telecommunications

We implement and manage telemedicine and remote rescue services and work with innovative structures to offer integrated services such as VoIP and telephony, as well as Internet and satellite mapping services.

pulizia Cleaning

We deal with environmental hygiene and cleaning services for public and private institutions, industrial buildings, healthcare facilities, schools, companies, churches, community centres, pharmaceutical companies, etc.

ristorazione Catering industry

Nowadays, playing an innovative role in the catering industry means not only operating at satisfactory culinary levels but also - and above all – meeting each facility's various requirements.

rifiuti Waste

We can offer and supply complete services which include waste collection directly from the premises, transporting said waste with approved means and, finally, waste disposal in waste-to-energy plants.

sicurezza Security

We can design, implement and manage comprehensive security systems and also provide call center, doorkeeping, CIT (Cash In Transit) and surveillance services.

logistica Logistics

Simple or integrated logistics, large scale distribution, delivering and porterage. We perform these activities efficiently, in a timely and flexible manner.